Be Exclusive With New Mexico's Only Mirror Booth

Give your guests an EXCLUSIVE entertainment experience! This is a brand new, one-of-a-kind booth only found at ABQ Party Pix and Cutmaster Music . The Mirror Booth is where the crossroads of elegance and entertainment meet. Unlike your standard photobooth, this booth is interactive, allows you to get full length pictures, and provides hours of fun for all ages.

Reinventing Fun

How do you know you’re looking good? Because the booth said so! The Mirror Booth gives you and your guests an interactive experience found with no other photobooth.

Sign Right Here

That’s right, you can sign your photo strips or write whatever you want, right on the mirror! Take your booth experience to another level with the Mirror Booth.

Be Exclusive

When you want something special, something for yourself, you book the Mirror Booth. The only one of it’s kind and exclusive to your event for the day. This is the booth that takes your special event to another level. And only you can have it.


Your Event Deserves To Be Unique

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