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Photobooths. It’s the hottest trend! Everyone wants one at their event! You gather your group of friends, line up awaiting your turn, grab a bunch of fun props and get ready to enter the booth. Only to find yourself trying to scrunch 5 people into the picture.

But what is a photo booth? Really.


If you think about it, a photo booth is only a camera, some software telling you to say “Cheese” and a printer with paper and ink. Yep,that’s it! You’ve probably even seen professional photographers getting in on the action, with some setting up a tripod and a backdrop with some props. It’s really that easy! So, what makes us so special?

ABQ Party Pix Photo Booth is the answer to all your problems

A lot of people want that “photo booth” experience. Where you enter into a different world, whether it be by yourself, with your girlfriend, best friend, or a group of people. When you enter the booth it is a certain feeling that takes you into that secluded secret area to be captured on film. [blockquote]ABQ Party Pix’s Hybrid Photo Booth gives you the best of both the closed and open air booth.[/blockquote]



Many people want the actual “booth” feel, where the doors are closed and they can secretly smooch for the camera and act silly. Others want a picture with a big group of friends and just can’t fit into that 3x4ft spaced box.

ABQ Party Pix’s Hybrid Photo Booth gives you the best of both the closed and open air booth. With our booth you can close the curtain for that intimate closed-booth feeling. Or, open the curtain and fit in many people comfortably!   With our booth, the choice is yours and the pictures are limitless.

Book your booth today at 505-269-5585 or fill out the book now form.


Article written by Chris Romero of ABQ Party Pix

Check out Chris’s Google+ profile.

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