Have questions about the booths, the photo strips, how it all works? Here’s the most frequently asked questions about ABQ Party Pix.

What makes our photo booths so AWESOME?

The portability of our booths make it really easy to include one at any party. And the usability of our software is second to none. There is no lag time between photo shots and prints making it easy and quick for guests to cycle through the booth. If kids can work the booth, then so can you! The only requirement is that you bring your brightest smile and a grip load of cheeseball…

What equipment does the booth use?

Our awesome booth is made of professional grade equipment including a Canon DSLR camera with PRO series lens and professional photography lighting, making sure you have professional quality images. We also use a professional photography printer and paper with industry leading photo print technology. Lower-end ink jet printers cannot achieve the quality of our dye sublimation printer.

How big is the booth?

t’s HUGE!!! (In AWESOMENESS!) Actually, it’s very compact and portable. Here’s the specs:

Height: 72″

Width: 37″

Depth: 15″

Weight: Approx. 100lbs

Based on these specs, we need a space at least 8 ft x 4ft and access to power within 10 feet (these are safe estimates assuming we’re using the curtain with the booth).

How does the photo booth work?

It’s easy cheesy! Hop into the booth, touch the screen and choose whether you want a color photo strip or black & white. Then position yourself in the frame you see on the screen and wait for the countdown, then say CHEEEEEEEZ! Rinse and repeat 3 more times. Exit the booth and pickup your pix that are printed immediately and ejected into the tray.

See… told you it was easy!

Do you charge for setup time?

Who does that? We only charge you for ‘shoot time’. I mean, I guess we could always charge for the 5 minutes it takes to get up and running, but we’ll cover that for you 😉

How many photos do we get?

All our packages are all-inclusive, meaning that you get UNLIMITED sessions! We will print one strip per guest in the booth. So shoot away and make all those faces you’ve ever dreamed of (or not).

Do we get actual photo strips?

Yes! And not only do you get actual picture strips, but you can customize and brand the strips for your event! Talk about cool factor!

What size are the photo strips?

This depends on the layout you choose. The standard “skinny” strips are 2 x 6 inches. The larger layouts (with the Mirror Booth) are 4 x 6 inches.

What happens if there are problems with pictures at my event?

We always include a Party Pix Pro at every event who is trained to troubleshoot. If there is a prolonged outage of greater than 10 minutes, we can add time onto the end of your contracted event to make up for lost time. In the event the photo booth is not functional, a partial/full refund will be given.

Do you include props?

Heck yes we do! What is a photo booth without some cheese and steeze? You will find crazy hats, fun jackets, neato necklaces and yes… mustaches. ABQ Party Pix make it fun for everyone.

Do I need a deposit to secure the booth for my event?

Yes, we require a $200 deposit to lock in your date. So call now!

What happens if a guest takes an inappropriate picture?

We review all pictures before posting them into the web gallery or onto our facebook page. IN the event we do miss a pic that you do not want online, let us know and we’ll remove it right away.

What's the difference between the Standard Booth and the Mirror Booth?

These are two completely different “booth” experiences. Here’s a list of the different factors:

Standard Boothbooth-trans

  • Can sit down and have the private actual “booth” experience
  • Option of making booth open air
  • Prints 2×6 inch strips
  • This is your typical photobooth

Mirror Boothbooth

  • Open Air / Full Length Pictures
  • Interactive (can sign your name and other interactive elements)
  • 4×6 inch photos
  • Decorative piece of furniture
  • More “elegant” appeal
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